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Are you part of a growing population that is constantly worried about the
health and well-being of Your elderly parents, relatives and friends?

I work as a IT technologist by day and I constantly worry for my mother’s well-being as I live and work in a different country. Over the years, I have applied what I learned at work to remotely care for my mother.

I will be sharing some of these medical, nursing and assistive living technology, tools, devices and aides with you. I hope you can benefit from my research if you need to care for your own aged parents, relatives or friends too.
— Katherine Xie

World population aging growth trend

Technology Made Easy

We help you understand smart technology using
simple language that you can apply to elder care

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Smart Homecare reviews

Read reviews on medical, nursing and assistive living technology and aides in caring for our elderly, aged and sick at home.

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